Micro Inversor 500W

Efficiency curve

Desempenho principal do micro inversor de energia solar fotovoltaica:

1. 1. Rated grid connected power: 250W/500W
2. Wide range input, suit most 60/72 unit crystal silicon panels
3. CEC efficiency is up to 96.5%;
4. High reliability: no single point of failure; Provide 15-25 years warranty ;
5. Intelligent: 24/7 real-time performance monitoring and analysis of module level

As vantagens do Micro Inversor:

1. Seguro
Conventional central inverters or string inverters normally bear direct current voltage up to hundreds or even thousands of volts, which can easily catch fire and once the fire breaks out it cannot be put out without a hitch. By contrast, the direct current voltage of Micro inverters is much lower and they are with parallel-connection capability which reduces safety hazard to a maximum extent.

2. Inteligente
Module-level monitoring makes it possible to see through ECU how every module works.

3. Multi geração
Component level of MPPT, no bucket effect, reduce the shade impact on output; Weak light effect well, because of the low starting voltage, 24v only, but it can also work in the weak light.

4. Vida útil mais longa
Usually, micro-inverters are designed with a warrant of 25 years, which is 15 years longer than the warranty of a conventional inverter.

5. amigável e agradável ao olhos
Construction of power distribution room is unneeded. Micro inverters can be directly installed into solar panels or mounts. Because it is parallel connected, if it needs adding solar panels later, simply add them without changing the original configuration.

 Modelo  MI-250 MI-500
Dados de entrada(DC)
Advise components on STC power range [W] 200-310 200-3100/200-350
MPPT voltage range[V] 27-48 27-48/32-48
Operating voltage range[V] 16-60 16-60
maximum input voltage [V] 60 60
maximum input current [A] 10.5 10.5
Output Data(AC)
Rated output power[W] 250 500/600
Rated output current [A] 1.09(230V)1.04(240V)1.20(208V) 2.17/2.61(230V)2.08/2.50(240V)2.40/2.88(208V)
Nominal output voltage/range[V] 230/200-270  240/211-264  208/183-229
Nominal frequency/range[Hz] 50/45-55 60/57-62.5
Power factor >0.99
Output current harmonic distortion <3%
Maximum Units per 20A Branch 14(230V) 15(240V) 13(208V) 7/6(230V) 7/6(240V) 6/5(208V)
Peak inverter efficiency 96.7%
CEC weighted efficiency  96.5%
Nominal MPPT efficiency 99.8%
Mechanical Data 
Ambient temperature range[℃] -40 - +65
Operating temperature range[℃] -40 - +85
Dimensions (L×W×H)[mm] 183*164*28 250*180*28
Weight [kg] 1.98 3.08
Enclosure rating IP67 / NEMA6
cooling Natural 
Communication  Warranty